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Welcome to the
Head Space Music Lifestyle Store

Head Space Music Lifestyle Store Reigate Surrey UK

Music and DJ Merchandise Clothing Shop.

Awesome Music and DJ T-Shirts
you can't buy anywhere else.

High Quality Custom Printed T-Shirts
for you - your band - your record label - your event.

The Coolest Bags
to carry your precious gear

Plus over 2,000 music related items!

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Head Space Music Lifestyle Store Ship Worldwide
Head Space Stores - Independant Retailer

Awesome music and DJ t-shirts and hoodies you can't buy anwhere else plus the coolest DJ and equipment bags to carry your precious gear. The best DJ headphones. Plus over 2,000 other music related items!

First for music and DJ t-shirts and hoodies you can't buy anywhere else. Plus the coolest DJ and equipment bags to carry your precious gear and over 2,000 other music related items! After six years of hard work building up a great reputation on-line, a new high street shop was born in 2010 .... the Head Space Music Lifestyle Store! Situated in Woodhatch, Reigate Surrey, just off the M25 and near Gatwick airport it represents all the hard work and dedication, bringing unique and original designs at low prices.

The shop is open from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and on a Saturday 11am to 4pm. Here you can see all the Head Space EL T-Qualizer T-Shirts in action and try them on for size. Plus, other music clubbing DJ t-shirts and hoodies you can't buy anywhere else. You'll also find the best DJ headphones that you can try in store before you buy. As well as the coolest bags to carry your precious gear, be it vinyl records, cds or all the cables and gear you'll need for a gig.

The decor is also bespoke and unique, some of which you can see in these photos of the high street store.

We also have some awesome DJ's playing LIVE from the shop, which you can watch and join in right here.

You can check out what's happening in store and be the first to hear about new products - "like" the Head Space Facebook Page here. Or join the mailing list by getting in touch here.

So, if you're ever in the area, drop in and say hello:

Head Space Music Lifestyle Store
20 Dovers Green Road

Be Awesome.


Head Space Uses Biodegradable Post Bags

We now use biodegradable post bags.

Technics - Head Space Stores
Technics -  Technics DJ T-Shirts and Technics DJ Hoodies, Technics Slipmats, Technics Record Boxes, Technics Record Bags, Technics CD Cases, Technics CD Bags, Technics Caps and Technics Hats, Technics Turntables and Technics Compilation CD's, Technics DJ Headphones.
Gig Skinz - Head Space Stores
Gig Skinz - Gig Skinz Record Bags, Gig Skinz CD Bags,  Gig Skinz DJ Utility Bags, Gig Skinz DJ Rucksacks, Gig Skinz Guitar Bags and Gig Skinz Keyboard Bags.
Slappa - Head Space Stores

Slappa - Slappa CD Cases, Slappa CD Trolley Bags, Slappa DJ Utility Bags and Slappa Rucksacks, Slappa iPod Covers and Slappa iPod Cases.

Too Late - Too Late watches and Too Late Glowing Watches

Aero Soul - Head Space Stores
Aerosoul - Junglist Movement DJ T-Shirts and BassLine DJ T-Shirts.

Kam - Kam DJ Headphones
DMC - Head Space Stores
DMC - DMC DJ T-Shirts, DMC Slipmats, DMC Record Boxes, DMC Record Bags, DMC CD Cases, DMC CD Bags, DMC Caps and DMC Hats and DMC Compilation CD's.

Road Ready - Road Ready Record Boxes.

UDG - UDG DJ T-Shirts, UDG Record Boxes, UDG Record Bags, UDG Record Trolley Bags, UDG CD Cases, UDG CD Bags, UDG CD Trolley Bags,  UDG Slipmats, UDG DJ Utility Bags and UDG Rucksacks.

5 Star - 5 Star Record Boxes, 5 Star CD Boxes and 5 Star 19" Racks.
Esdjco - Head Space Stores
Esdjco - Esdjco DJ T-Shirts, Esdjco Caps and Hats and ESDJCO Slipmats.
Sennheiser - Head Space Stores

Sennheiser - Sennheiser DJ Headphones.

Stanton - Head Space Stores
Stanton - Stanton DJ Heaphones.
Denon - Head Space Stores

Denon - Denon DJ Headphones.

Terratag - Terratag DJ T Shirts.

The Mountain - DJ tshirts

The Mountain - DJ T-Shirts

Mono - DJ Utitlity Bags and DJ Record Bags

Minute Mirth - DJ T-Shirts

Skulbone - DJ T-Shirts

Twisted Beak - DJ T-Shirts

Spiral - DJ T-Shirts

Atrylogy - Atrylogy DJ Equipment Bags

Sony - Head Space Stores
Sony - Sony DJ Headphones.
Skullcandy - Head Space Stores

Skullcandy - Skullcandy DJ Headphones, Skullcandy DJ T-Shirts, Skullcandy Hoodies

AKG - Head Space Stores

AKG - AKG DJ Headphones

Agenda - Head Space Stores
Agenda Merchandise - Agenda Record Bags, Agenda Record Trolley Bags, Agenda CD Bags, Agenda CD Trolley Bags, Agenda DJ Utility Bags and Agenda Rucksacks.

Loopmasters - Loopmasters Sample CD's and Loopmasters Sample Libraries.
Head Space Clothing - Head Space Stores
Head Space - Head Space DJ T-Shirts and Head Space Music T-Shirts, Head Space DJ Hoodies, Head Space T-Qualizer T-Shirts, Head Space EL T-Shirts, Head Space Sound Reactive T-Shirts, Head Space Graphic Equalizer T-Shirts and Head Space Light Up t-Shirts, Head Space Womens DJ T-Shirts, Head Space Glow in the Dark Bracelets.
Drunknmunky - Head Space Stores

Drunknmunky - Drunknmunky DJ T-Shirts

Gemini - Gemini DJ Headphones.

Acc-Sees - Acc-Sees Record Boxes.

Swan Flight - Swan Flight Record Boxes and Swan Flight CD Boxes.

Ortofon - Ortofon Stylus and Ortofon Cartridges.

Defected - Defected DJ T-Shirts, Defected CD Cases, Defected CD Bags, Defected Record Trolley Bags and Defected Slipmats.

Magma - Magma Record Bags, Magma Record Boxes, Magma Record Trolley Bags, Magma CD Cases, Magma CD Bags
Pioneer - Head Space Stores

Pioneer - Pioneer DJ Headphones

Ministry of Sound - Ministry of Sound  CD Bags, Ministry of Sound CD Cases, Ministry of Sound CD Trolley Bags, Ministry of Sound Record Bags, Ministry of Sound Record Trolley Bags and Ministry of Sound Slipmats.
DJ tshirts - Stay Clever

Stay Clever - DJ T-Shirts

Immortal - DJ T-Shirts

Liquid Blue - DJ T-Shirts

Rocky - DJ T-Shirts

Shiro Neko - DJ T-Shirts

 Amy Monton - DJ T-Shirts, Rock Metal Goth T-Shirts.

In this Head Space Music Lifestyle Store:

DJ T and Music Shirts included are: Head Space T-Qualizer EL Sound Reactive DJ T Shirts, Aerosoul Junglist Movement DJ T Shirts, Head Space DJ and Clubbing T Shirts, Technics DJ T Shirts, DMC DJ T Shirts, UDG DJ T Shirts, Defected DJ T Shirts, Drunknmunky DJ T Shirts, ESDJCO DJ T Shirts, Skullcandy DJ T Shirts, Twisted Beak DJ T Shirts, Amy Monton DJ T Shirts, Immortal DJ T Shirts, Rocky DJ T Shirts, Skullbone DJ T Shirts, Spiral DJ T Shirts, Stay Clever DJ T Shirts, Studio Ochee DJ T Shirts, Technics 1210 Apparel DJ T Shirts, The Mountain DJ T Shirts and Terratag DJ T Shirts.

Children's Music T Shirts included are: Head Space Kids T Shirts and The Mountain Kids T Shirts.

3XL 4XL 5XL T Shirts included are: Head Space 3XL 4XL 5XL T Shirts and The Mountain 3XL 4XL 5XL T Shirts.

Womens DJ T Shirts included are: Head Space Womens DJ T Shirts and Head Space Girls DJ T Shirts.

DJ Hoodies included are: Technics DJ Hoodies, Head Space DJ Hoodies and Skullandy DJ Hoodies.

DJ Caps and Hats included are: Skullcandy Beanies, Technics Caps and Technics Beanies.

Clothing - Trance included are: Head Space Trance DJ T Shirts.

Clothing - Drum and Bass included are: Head Space Drum and Bass DJ T Shirts and Aerosoul Junglist Movement DJ T Shirts.

Clothing - Dubstep included are: Head Space Dubstep DJ T Shirts.

Clothing - House Music included are: Head Space House Music DJ T Shirts and Head Space House Music DJ Hoodies.

Clothing - Raving included are: Head Space Clubbing Raving DJ T Shirts and DMC Clubbing Raving DJ T Shirts plus DMC Clubbing Raving DJ Hoodies.

Clothing Headphones included are: Technics Headphones DJ T Shirts, Head Space Headphones DJ T Shirts, Head Space Headphones DJ Hoodies and Skullcandy Headphones DJ T Shirts.

Clothing DJ Decks included are: Head Space DJ Decks T Shirts, Technics DJ Decks T Shirts, 1210 Apparel DJ Decks T Shirts, DMC DJ Decks Hoodies and Technics Vs Marvel DJ Decks T Shirts.  

CD Bags, CD Cases, CD Boxes included are: Magma CD, UDG CD, Slappa CD, Agenda CD, Technics CD, Defected CD, Gigskinz CD, Swanflight CD, 5-Star CD and Minisrty od Sound CD.

CD Compilations included are: Back to Mine CD Compilations.

CD Sample Library included are: Loopmasters CD Sample Libraries.

Record Bags included are: Magma Record Bags, UDG Record Bags, Technics Record bags Agenda Record Bags, Defected Record Bags, GigSkinz Record Bags and Ministry of Sound Record Bags.

Record Boxes included are: Magma Record Boxes, 5-Star Record Boxes, Swanflight Record Boxes, Technics Record Boxes, Acc-Sees Record boxes and Road Ready Record Boxes.

Slipmats included are: Technics Slipmats, DMC Slipmats, Zomo Slipmats, UDG Slipmats, Defected Slipmats and Esdjco Slipmats.

DJ Accessories included are: Speakers, DJ Lanyards, Turntable Covers, DJ Wallets, DJ Bottle Openers, DJ Stickers, DJ Earplugs and DJ Freefloat.

DJ Bags and Rucksacks included are: Magma DJ Bags, Slappa DJ Bags, Technics DJ Bags, Agenda DJ Bags, UDG DJ Bags, GigSkinz DJ Bags, Redline DJ Bags and Ministry of Sound DJ Bags.

DJ Cartidges and Stylus included are: Ortofon Concorde Cartridges and Stylus.

DJ Headphones included are: Skullcandy DJ Headphones, Gemini DJ Headphones, Kam DJ Headphones, Sony DJ Headphones, Pioneer DJ Headphones, Stanton Dj Headphones, AKG DJ Headphones, Sennheiser DJ Headphones, Technics DJ Headphones and Denon DJ Headphones.

DJ Headphones Bags included are: Magma Headphones Bags, UDG Headphones Bags and Technics Headphone Bags.

DJ DVDs included are: DMC DVDs.

Musician 19" Racks included are: Swanflight 19" Racks and 5-Star 19" Racks.

Musician Guitar Bags included are: Gigskinz Guitar Bags.

Musician Keyboard Bags included are: Gigskinz Keyboard Bags.

Glow in the Dark Watches included are: Too Late Glow in the Dark Watches.

Glow in the Dark Bracelets included are: Head Space Glow in the Dark Braclelets.

Weenicons included are: Weenicon Collectable Figures.

Gifts for Under £5 included are: DMC Technics Lanyards and Head Space Glow in the Dark Bracelets.


Gifts for Under £10 included are: Weenicon Collectable Figures, Head Space Glow in the Dark  Bracelets, Technics DMC Bottle Opener, Technics Keyring, Technics Wallet, Technics Stickers, UDG Lanyards, DMC DVDs and Raving Hats.


Gifts for Under £15 included are: UDG CD Wallets, DMC DVDs, Raving Hats, Too Late Watches, Technics Caps, Technics Hats, Slappa CD Cases, Technics Deck Covers, Head Space DJ T Shirts and Veho Protable Speakers.




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Awesome DJ & Music T Shirts. Clubbing Rock Raving Music Party T Shirts & Hoodies. EL T Shirts & Headphones. Record, CD, Gig & DJ Bags. Buy them all here.

DJ and Music Merchandise Shop, Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey UK

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